Creemore Hills Realty Re/Max

At first Creemore doesn't look any different than just another Ontario farm town, its streets lined with prim Victorian houses and small mom-and-pop shops. But look again, particularly at what you don't see, and this little village on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment will quickly win you over. No McDonald's. No muffler shops. No mall. thankfully, Creemore has never been sullied by strip development with nary a Tim Horton's in sight. for that, you have to drive north to Collingwood.

Most remarkable of all, the main drag is not the main highway. Mercifully, through traffic on its way to Collingwood's ski resorts takes a more direct route beyond the town limits leaving Creemore to revel in a decidedly slower pace. In fact, driving into town from any direction presents a view that has changed little in over a century. Approaching from the south is a real treat, as the road tries to keep pace with the winding Mad River. But the best introduction is probably from atop the escarpment to the north, where the view is unsurpassed. Indeed, the escarpment is Creemore's defining geographical presence. It lends the environs a certain ruggedness unusual for southern Ontario.

Despite the high hopes of the founding fathers, Creemore never grew beyond a small village. That it lagged behind ultimately proved a blessing in disguise, for its unassuming streetscape abounds in old-time unhurried charm. No doubt this speaks volumes about Creemore's newfound popularity among hobby farmers, outdoorsy types and craftspeople, who have embraced the town as their own. for them, Creemore is particularly attractive as an alternative to the vast "ye olde small towne" tourist village currently under construction at the base of Collingwood ski hills. Its size and scope promise little of the genuine charm of an authentic village like Creemore. "Why go there," muses one jaded skier who used to fight the crowds at Collingwood, "when I can have the real thing right here?"

Come discover the rolling hills of Creemore and Mulmur located one hour north of Toronto and 20 minutes south of Collingwood and Georgian Bay to find everything you can imagine. Ski hills, Golf courses, hiking, biking, boating, horseback riding and more.

The area includes the counties of Dufferin, Simcoe and Grey. The Bruce Trail and Niagara Escarpment wind their way through the area creating a topographical gem. Add rolling farmland, ponds, rivers, streams, forests, spectacular views and quaint villages. Mix in ski clubs, golf clubs, snowmobile trails, and Wasaga Beach, and you have it all!

The year round recreation Mecca with history and charm for most. A place to call home or cottage. A combination hard to find so close to Toronto.